Blood On The Podcast Floor

Blood On The Podcast Floor

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Blood On The Podcast Floor:
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"Blood On The Podcast Floor"

V E S A will be appearing on the episode #130 of the Bad Crypto Podcast. This art piece is a tribute to the show, Michael Jackson, Hunter S Thompson, cryptos and the united mission to make World Crypto Con an amazing experience.

Three re-paints and one diasec version. Digital coming up by Orion Vault.

Themes in this piece include:

  • Bad Crypto is the king of blockchain podcasting hence the headphones so the listeners are royalty too

  • The name and logo are a tribute to Michael Jackson, his influence and that of pop culture in the show

  • FM turned around obviously means (bad) motherfucker

  • The World Crypto Con logo is made into Hunter S Thompson as we are all appearing in Vegas later.

  • It’s full of alt logos as well as a hidden Bitcoin

  • There is a Bad Coin in there which has the middle finger as the symbol inside saying ‘United States of No Fucks - Zero Fucks”

  • Vesa's is episode #130 (obviously)

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  • Name :Blood On The Podcast Floor

  • Style: Artevo

  • Painter: V E S A

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