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Compliance Is The New Black:
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Compliance Is The New Black

The Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Finland was a surprise in some ways. Finns are notorious for their obedient stance towards obeying societally set rules. Even ones that make very little common sense and would easily be ignored elsewhere. This A to B example is of a Helsinki restaurant where the customers are forced to ask the restaurant staff to carry their drinks to the terrace space due to the slice of sidewalk in between. They actually do it too. There is TV series dedicated to exposing these things as they have gotten out of hand.


There are of course many positive sides to this as well from getting bank accounts fast to trusting the time arrival of public transport. The well-being safety net built in the boom of 80's and the health care system is in a real crisis but a general spirit of honesty still binds the people together. 

Due to this, the general mentality of Finland is often not quick to adopt controversial innovations, so in many ways, it was a much more 'flying under the radar' event than the international scene usually is. The general vibe was something that could have been expected elsewhere in early 2017. The speakers were on point, the scene and setting were great but only half the seats were filled. This did not prevent the passion from being felt and present.

During the conference, panel emotions got heated in between an audience member and the panelist Zachry Reece from Lotus Investment Strategies. The point of conflict was if Bitcoin/crypto should be left alone to figure out its own regulation or if it was something absolutely necessary for mass adoption to happen. During this interesting debate, Anu Honkalinna from Nesteholma said:' Compliance is the new black'. My view, as is Zachary's, is that it is about finding balance. It is tricky though as in some ways it is the light bulb asking the candle for approval.

The piece was also inspired by the Unchained episode with Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken, on why they company left Japan.


  • Name: I Am Satoshi Nakamoto

  • Style: Artevo

  • Painter: V E S A

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