To Catch A Rocket Ship

To Catch A Rocket Ship

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Rocket Ship:
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“To Catch A Rocket Ship”

William Shatner aka Captain Kirk has been catching rocket ships all his life and defied multiple label categories in the process. My personal favourite of his work is actually the Ben Folds collaboration album 'Has Been’ which was moving, fun and admirably honest. This time the captain has chosen to get on board with the a real life rocket ship that is Bitcoin & crypto. He recently started authenticating some Star Trek products with his signature as well as an Ethereum token, therefore his shirt is made out of ETH pyramids. When the spirit of discovery is strong, the adventure continues until we decide it ends. His presence is another piece of proof that we all get sucked into the dark hole of it's gravity eventually.


  • Name: To Catch A Rocket Ship

  • Style: Artevo

  • Painter: V E S A

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