It Used To Be Wired (Unique Piece)

It Used To Be Wired (Unique Piece)


Digital canvas print with re-painted oil paint on top.

Price: 3.9 BTC

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This short video opens the substance of the piece as well as this News BTC article.

"It Used To Be Wired"

Despite Joel from Bad Crypto Podcast just advertising this piece to go for 36k it required an update. The price is 3.9 Bitcoin which reflects the price in dollars. Not the other way around. 

When conceptualizing this piece I first thought about the lasting frontier spirit of New York, the artists who have lived there and pioneering moves in Bitcoin really starting from a humble transatlantic pizza transaction. No matter what you think about 9/11 a part of its ghost is inescapably linked to the 2008 financial meltdown and the birth of digital currency. Outside perhaps London, one struggles to think of a city more relevant to the global finances than the 'City That Never Sleeps'. In truth, the inner city of London does not come to mind before Wall Street to most. How long will it keep that status though? It will be a balancing act.

In this art piece the iconic island skyline is transformed by blockchain code but this time Philippe Petit is not walking in between the WTC buildings as the man on a wire. He is walking from the Freedom Tower to the digital unknown. There are many blockchain ventures there but many are moving out of NY and the United States due to a lack of entrepreneurial support. The question remains: "Will New York keep its pioneering spirit or drive out the future of finance?"

The proceeds from "It Used To Be Wired" will all go towards producing two shows and an art exhibit at the World Crypto Con, the world's largest crypto conference in Las Vegas. It includes a main stage performance, an opening ceremony show, and a 20 volume art piece exhibit during the three-day conference. It will feature here as well as on multiple crypto media with supporters well displayed from big screens and pull up banners to documentary features.

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For a sake of a price reference, should you think this piece is pricey, remember that this #699606 Krypto Kitty here goes for a cool 0.8 BTC.


  • Name: It Used To Be Wired
  • Style: Artevo
  • Painter: V E S A
  • Express shipping depending on location within 20 days