Beyond Moon

Beyond Moon


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"Beyond Moon"

Signed canvas print edition of 50
100x50cm (40x20In)

All others sold out or handed out.

Inspired by the coming World Crypto Con in Las Vegas and my part within it.

The research of this piece took me to some very interesting places. Vegas is known as the default adult playground where you get to leave your responsibilities behind you. As we know from Pinocchio this is not, of course, the whole story even if the fun and glamour for sure are real. The whole place was born due to a dam was built close to it to produce energy. The synergy with crypto is on so many levels it as incredible to me. 

The Flamingo hotel is a big part of the birth story as well as falling in love so the central birds are a tribute to that. Nuclear weapons used to be tested about 40 miles off the strip for a long time so this time the explosion is crypto becoming a part of casino operations as well as funding for art performances and strip clubs. The Elvis legs and my personal BTC support QR code on the ballet dancers point shoe is an encouragement to support the arts more than the strippers. The mother coin is raining all the main crypto logos in the form of chips on the epic code made skyline of Las Vegas. The World Crypto Con, of course, has a special chip of its own as they are crafting a whole new paradigm in the world of creative conferences.

The name of the piece is a synergy between the Area 51 legends and the myth that U.F.O's charge themselves off the pyramids in Giza. This time it is the Ether pyramid of the Luxor hotel that is charging crypto to go "beyond moon". Written on the Star Trek font of course for nerds who might get off on such a thing.

As a final note, almost a side note, we see Cupid shooting an arrow, perhaps through Bitcoin or the birds or both, through the heart of the operation. The symbol actually means an ego death as romance is there, for a large part, to produce children who shoot an arrow through your heart. It is about taking responsibility for life to carry on in the best possible manner. This is true for us individually as well as with our enterprises.

The three re-paints are collected by the three founders of WCC.

The only version available to the public is the digital one.


  • Name: Beyond Moon

  • Style: Artevo

  • Painter: V E S A

  • Express shipping depending on format and location within 4-20 days