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Signed canvas print edition of 50
100x50cm (40x20In)

Re-paint limited to 3 edition price: Permanently 1BTC via crypto.
Around double that with traditional payment.
Size: 200x100cm (80x40In)

Unique Diasec Metallic Emulsion Print.
Size: 200x100cm (80x40In)

Deutsche Bank cuts started in Sydney, Hong Kong and other locations in the Asia-Pacific region. In Asia alone, Deutsche Bank will close all operations, though the majority of redundancies will take place in the US and Europe. The German firm said it will reduce its global workforce to 74,000 by 2022 in a move that will cost €7.4 billion ($8.3 billion) altogether. The tailor walking away from fitting expensive suits to bosses while many were being laid off by the Deutsche bank, with a Bitcoins bag, became an instant icon.. We are moments away from the next bubble bursting, which will cause further suffering for billions of people. I considered calling this piece 'iiferaft’, 'The Green Mile', and ‘Owned By The Block'. The gates of the big wall are opening. A new world is emerging.


  • Name: #WalkAway

  • Style: Artevo

  • Painter: V E S A

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