"Beyond Moon" art piece to be exhibited along many others at the conference

"Beyond Moon" art piece to be exhibited along many others at the conference


The World Crypto Con is a 5000+ attendees, 150+ exhibitors, 200.000 sq ft of meeting and exhibiting space crypto conference in Las Vegas. Crypto artist VESA is looking for a sponsor for his part with tons of visibility inside the conference experience.

Above are Adam Williams, one of the founders of WCC and the director of the Tranter-Sinni Gallery discussing the opportunity with

  • Your company branding on the busiest area in the networking section next to 23 works with no other sponsors there - at an 8000 sq ft space.

  • Your logo in the screen movie start of my main stage performance plus mention in my keynote right after it. VESA is on right before Brock Pierce.

  • A commission piece valued at 50K included 

  • Two News BTC articles with hyperlinks alongside the stuff that happens there

  • The right to use the images through their social media

  • A bunch of media mentions throughout my interviews

The collaboration, as illustrated in short video above, will include:

* Opening Ceremony
* Main Stage Event
* Primrose Art Exhibition 

The home page of World Crypto Con.     Project Home Page

This page was published in it's entirety on News BTC - see it here

Crypto artist and filmmaker V E S A is best known for working with Bollywood actress Veena Malik in a world-changing collaboration, which was seen by around 300 million people through BBC World, The Independent, IBT, Times of India, VICE, etc. His innovative mixed media platform Artevo soft forked in 2017 to Art For Crypto, which is rapidly establishing new creative standards in the blockchain art space. He also writes about creativity on News BTC.

Watch the full story on "Beyond Moon" from the video on the side.

The event is full of top speakers and is hosted by Joel and Travis from the Bad Crypto Podcast. Listen to VESA's episode by clicking on the image above.




Crypto Mode selects World Crypto Con as the nr.1 conference to go to for the rest of 2018.



Read VESA's article on the project on News BTC.

There will be many more articles to come as the outlet is this projects media partner.


Through purchasing a ticket to World Crypto Con via this link and typing in ‘$100 Off: WCC100’ you get – well obviously a 100$ off the ticket but also support the show.