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Previous Keynotes

The previous performance and keynote was called 'The future of crypto art’ at World Crypto Con in Las Vegas.


VESA gives a 5 minute presentation about some of his work which is featured on both Codex Protocol and Blockchain Art Exchange (both featuring speakers on the same day).

Keynote at the Museum of Discovery and Science

VESA in Ft. Lauderdale during Art Fort Lauderdale

AFL Promo

A shared room with the Frech AI based art group Obvious

Boom and Bust on RT

VESA was a guest of Commissioner Bart Chilton on RT's Boom and Bust Show regarding people at the 2019 North America Bitcoin Conference

Art Decentralised

VESA headlined this art & crypto conference at Nikki Beach in Miami

Blockchain World Open

A 30-minute keynote on where art is headed.

Washington Elite

On stage at the Blockchain & AI Summit in Washington.

Global Blockchain Expo of London 

The opening / ending was by Stephan Tual, former CCO of Ethereum. 

According to the Japanese tradition of Kintsukuroi, a previously broken object, if mended with gold and silver lacquer, is more beautiful than the original as it has a history. I believe this applies to humans and systems like money too. - V E S A

Blockchain and Bitcoin Conference Finland 

The 25th of May was a blast with an Art For Crypto booth and a 5-minute 'Creativity on the blockchain' pitch.

The News BTC article called "Compliance is the new black" tells the story

DMFX Financials in London.

If you can kick off a keynote using James Bond. Always do so.


As expected, it was really bad.

Curating Crypto is a podcast that focuses on the art and culture scene surrounding the crypto world.

Crypto Basic Podcast episode with Karim.

‘Stache My Crypto 09: When The Art World & Crypto Collide

Mixing a Sherlock Holmes art book interview with a bunch of crypto works with Steve Emecz

Charity Auction

Read the article  here

Read the article here

Back in September, cyclists Jason Berlin and Jovel Velasquez undertook a cross-country cycling trip across the U.S. known as Tour de Crypto.

Starting in the Hamptons, New York and finishing in Huntington Beach, California, the aim is to raise $1 million in cryptocurrencies and USD for the Houston Area Women’s Center (HAWC), a non-profit organization that helps survivors of domestic and sexual violence build safe and healthy lives.

Mini docs regarding art pieces

The main focus of V E S A' s talks is often the seamless blend of positive creativity, technology and value driven projects that can benefit society at large.


V E S A performing a Japanese Kintsukuroi show with dancers at the W Hotel Fort Lauderdale in January 2018 as part of the Art Fort Lauderdale fair. Watch it below.

A still from the LUX project on the main stage at WBF in Austria

A still from the LUX project on the main stage at WBF in Austria

V E S A presenting his previous platform Artevo

Art Fort Lauderdale / Artevo presented at the Deco Drive Show in Florida

Other online features include:



He also writes about it all extensively on the NEWS BTC channel.

Click through to read the City A.M piece on the Crypto A.M section.

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