Digital canvas print with re-painted oil paint on top.

Enquire about price. Only one re-paint and one digital.

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Vitalik Buterin and Vinay Gupta have since joined with their signatures.

The piece will keep gathering signature until someone donates a million dollars to the designated charity.

Here is a video on how it all started from my episode and the mission we had together at World Crypto Con. It just might make you smile. At that point, we didn’t know anything about the coming signatures nor the charity part. The “Blood On The Podcast Floor” and the BAD title are appropriate. As lead by the example of Joel and Travis, none us pretend to be perfect while attempting this. May who is without sin cast the first stone. Due to our collective mess of a planet, this art piece sets the bar low to participate in something good, while welcoming the support of crypto superstars to get to the goal of a million plus. We are figuring out options for fractional ownership and other kinds of alternatives so everyone can participate.

Before I knew it, it was featured on Forbes and started massing crypto superstar signatures in support of the mission. On stage live with the guys and previously has gathered the support and signatures of Maxine Ryan, Charlie Lee, Vinny Lingham, and Ronnie Moas. Later on at Blockchain World Open in Miami, Brock Pierce and Jeremy Gardner joined the gang. Since then, Andreas Antonopolous, Peter McCormack, Vinay Gupta and Vitalik Buterin joined.

For perspective, most of my other pieces are limited edition of four. This one is unique. Given that as a forty-year-old, even if I work inhumanely and live to 90, there won’t be more than a few hundred pieces with paint on them made by me. A bit later we will reach 10 billion people on the planet. Just think what a piece like this will be worth regarding the biggest financial revolution of a couple of hundred years if not of all time.