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Signed canvas print edition of 50
100x50cm (40x20In)

Re-paint limited to 3 edition price: Permanently 1BTC via crypto.
Around double that with traditional payment.
Size: 200x100cm (80x40In)

Unique Diasec Metallic Emulsion Print.
Size: 200x100cm (80x40In)

During a strong bull maybe you got all the toys. Went to all the places you had dreamt of. Spent like a maniac without saving. Didn't do the right back ups. Overlooked an obvious angle. Ate one too many cheeseburgers. Maybe just played it cool but are now at the receiving end of an act majeure. We get to play but no bull lives forever. The world is a big self balancing machine.

A particularly good reminder on the wall of a soaring or long winning company / trader.


  • Name: Balancer

  • Style: Artevo

  • Painter: V E S A

  • Express shipping depending on format and location within 4-20 days